Sunday, March 13, 2011

Great Lent #08 - 14/03/2011

After reading my Daily mails so many people reply me with so many questions! I believe most of the doubts occur just because of lack of knowledge! We don’t know what we are! What Church we represent? What is our true faith?

Syrian Orthodox church is mainly built on 2 main pillars.

  1. The Holy Bible
  2. The Tradition

Apart from The Holy Bible, our fore fathers had developed a tradition which we are supposed to follow now also. Once I send a mail asking some questions about the Tradition of Priest Vestments! Next week when I went to church, my friend who is also an altar boy asked me whether he can light the Holy Censor with fan, or is that a “Variation in Tradition”. Even though I enjoyed the joke, I felt it is high time for us to learn what we stand for! The basic stone is laid on the above two pillars. If we feel we don’t need those, then there is no Church. I am planning to write about Church History, Our Holy Fathers and various Traditions in our church in coming days!

The church is the body of true believers in Christ. Eetho, the syriac word for Church, means ‘to bring together’. The word Church itself has it etymological roots in Green word ecclesia, which means to call and separate. The roots of the word can also be traced to the Hebrew Quhal, which means assembly summoned. The Church is the heaven on earth.

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