Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Great Lent #04 - 10/03/2011


Once the Great Lent days start our Parish Priests’ keep on telling about the Holy Confession (Mal- Kumbasaram) before 40th day of the Lent. Syriac Orthodox Church believers should confess atleast once in a year. But is that something which we should do only once in a year?

Our Holy Fathers teach us “If we feel we have committed a sin, we should confess it as early as possible to Priest and should not repeat it.” There are so many principles which flood in the new generation churches. Let us try to learn something about Sin and Confession.

Adam and Eve committed the first sin. Entire human’s immersed in it. We are born in Sin and we belive it is cleansed at the time of Holy Baptism (Ref: Holy Creed, Roman 5&7). God gave us free will so that we can differentiate evil and good.

Holy Baptism cleanses us from the Birth Sin and Confession is continuation of Baptism. We get back to our Lord through Confession. We sign an agreement through confession (John 20:2). Jesus sends his disciples to all over the world as representatives of Christ. We confess our sin to Priest, who is representative of Christ. (John 20:23, Mat 16:19, 18:18)

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