Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Great Lent #03 - 09/03/2011

Fasting / Lent

Our Forefathers often compares Human life as ‘Two Faced’ one. It is the conjunction of two aspects – ‘Eternal’ and ‘Physical/ Transient’. We are in middle of two faces. Just below Angels and above Animals.” Human beings have free will to fight against the evil. Whenever we go close to evil, we stand near to animals and if we control ourselves from the physical wishes we approach angels.

We live in a world where we tend to do more evil and less good! We are more attracted to the world than the eternal life. Lent / Fast always lead us to God and the eternal world. Jesus Christ himself showed us how to fast. If Christ fasted for 40 days then how much we should do to cleanse ourself from the bad deeds we do every day. Our Prayers often reminds about the importance of Lent. “Lent saved Daniel from Lions! Lent saved Peter from Jail!”

Lent in Canon

1. Apart from Holy Saturday (Sat after Good Friday) we should not observer fasting.
2. Should not observe Lent from Easter to Pentacost
3. Old People, Pregnant ladies, sick, Babies can be exempted from Lent with Prior permission of Priest.

Compulsory Lent in Canon

1. 25 Days before Christmas
2. Ninaveh Lent
3. Great Lent
4. Fast for the intercession of the Apostles (June 26-29)
5. Fast for the intercession of Virgin Mary (August 1-15)
6. Every WEDNESDAY (Jesus Christ birth in St. Mary)and FRIDAY (Crucifiction of Christ)

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