Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mor Geevarghese Sahada - April 23

World celebrating the memory of Mor Geevarghese Sahada on April 23rd. Almost a school kid knows about his biography, how a soldier turned to a saint. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you all about 2 miracles done by the Saint in our family.

When my Mom was in her childhood a severe disease spread out in her family and the nearby places. It was VASOORI (Sort of pox). It was getting severe in each day after day. One night they all heard the sound of a Horse passing through their door steps. From that morning the disease started coming down. Their home parish is in name of Sahada. And it is believed that this was a miracle by Sahada.

The second incident is one which I personally experienced. From my childhood i am always afraid of Snakes. My parents got transferred to Kodungallur before 10 years back. Those who belong to Kodungallur know, how that place is. If you belong to a town like Kottayam, Kochi or Trivandrum, Kodungallur is still in stone age. People are so addicted to black magic still. I have seen and heard so many instances of that. They still worship and believe those which we cant even think of. Coming back to the topic. Just wanted to give an idea about how the place is now!
So the house we got for rent was and old one. And there were no inhabitants for so long. A place were snakes used to roam a lot. It was so common in neighborhood too. They wont kill it, as they worship it still. I was really afraid to go there to meet them.

After we started Intercession prayer to Sahada and i could never find a Snake in our compound. So many snakes i have seen in neighborhood. Never in our compound for last 10 years. I believe that it happened just because of the Intercession prayer.

May his Intercession prayer save from all evil.

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