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Mor Barsoumo - February 3rd

Barsoumo- The Head of Mourners, lived in 5th century. Barsoumo was born at the village of Otton near the city of Smeshath as the son of Hanok and Sakayi. His fater Hanok died in his early childhood days, and Sakayi got married to another man. The kid loved solitude in his early stages of life. One day Barsoumo along with his mother and step father went for a festival in the city of Smeshath. He happened to be alone on the bank of Euphrates (Frath). A monk named Abraham saw Barsoumo walking alone, crying and heavyhearted. Abraham enquired him about the reason for his unhappiness. Barsoumo replied him “I want to be the slave of Jesus Christ, our Lord.” Abraham took him to the monastery and taught him ascetic practices. Barsoumo learned all the practices of a Dayaroyuso very fast, and was stringent in those. Abraham, his teacher died in A.D 409.

After the death of his teacher, Barsoumo left the monastery and visited the Holy land. He was just wearing a thick cloth all through his journey. On return he stayed on a high mountain near to his monastery. The faithful built a monastery for him and he stayed there. The Dayaro of Mor Barsoumo is near Melitine. Many youngsters hearing about his rigorous practices and faith joined along with him. On a summer night Barsoumo went out of his room and looked at the shining stars. He thought of his humble self and the mighty creations of God. He took a strong decision on that time and said “How can I sit before the master who created this wonders.” It is written by his disciple Mor Samuel, that Mor Barsoumo never sat in his lifetime after that day.

In AD 449, Barsoumo attended the second Synod of Ephesus as the representative of all monastries of the East. Barsoumo was sad about the decision of Chalcedon Synod. The Chalcedonians read an order of excommunication of Barsoumo in a church. Then a prominent person testified that his son was seriously ill and Barsoumo’s prayer healed him. The faithful was unanimous in their conviction of the saintly life of Barsoumo.

Mor Barsoumo entered his heavenly abode on February 3rd AD 457/58.


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