Saturday, January 16, 2010

First Dayaroyuso – St. Anthonios (Januray 17th)

Anthonios born in a rich family at City of Kaman on 251. His parents were firm believers of church. At the age of 20 his father passed away. He has to take the whole responsibility of his father’s wealth and his only sister. One day at church he heard the verses from Holy Bible about the rich man. That verses touched him so deeply. He sold his wealth distributed to poor. He send his only sister to a Monastery and himself went to desert, found a calm place for his prayers. He has to face so many experiments in that time. He overcame everything by the grace of God. He made a tomb for himself, and started to live in that small place. After sometime, he found out a demolished palace and stayed there.

Anthonios led a very strong spiritual life, with Lent and fasting. Hearing about this Saint, many people from neighboring villages came to meet him and got blessings from him. Many sick people got cured. Some of them followed his path, and started living with him. Thus he came to know the “First Dayaroyuso”.

Twice he came out to village from his lonely life. In 313 many people were killed by Maskyamin. Anthonios came to the villagers, made them strong in faith. He also wanted to be a martyr of Christianity. He travelled around the streets, thinking that he will also be killed. But he didn’t. He went to Minister, had an argument with him about the religious cultures and traditions of Christians. But unfortunately with some unknown reasons minister asked him to leave, without having imprisoned. Anthonios left to desert again.

Thousands of people used to gather around him, to hear the blessed words from him. Second time Anthonios left desert and went to village to help Athanasious. It was in 351 when war broke out against Ariyos. The same Athanasious wrote the biography of this saint.

It was in 356 Anthonios passed away. He was 105 years of age. Before his death, he told his assistants to keep his body in a secret tomb which he found in the desert.

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